Sandviç Panel

What is Sandwich Panel?

Sandwich Panel is a composite roof and facade cladding material produced by applying polyurethane injection in various thickness between double-dyed galvanized sheet or aluminum plate.

It is an aesthetic material used for surface cladding. They are seperated as roof, facade and cold room panels. Sandwich Panels are superior roof and facade cladding materials providing alternative solutions on buildings thanks to ease of installation and accessory options they offer.

Galvanized sheet used on upper and lower surfaces is painted by Coil Coating technology. This technology provides the panels to be corrosion-resistant under outdoor conditions for many years and to have different color options. Using insulation filler, aluminum and metal sheet in panel production offers material options that can be adopted on different carrier systems and buildings.

The basic insulation material used in sandwich panels is polyurethane, in addition stone wool and polystrene are also used. On painted metals, one of the paint types among Polyester, PVDF, Plastisol and polyurethane paints is used. Generally, the standard paint type applied on Sandwich Panels is polyester paint.