Panel Montaj

Transportation, Unloading, Stowage

Sandwich panel packages delivered with a vehicle are unloaded with forklift or crane acording to package length.

Panel packages should be stowed in a way that they will not block the road and they will not be affected from the surrounding works.

Especially the panels longer than 6-8 m should be carried by a crane.

Chain or steel rope should not be used in order to carry panel packages.

In order to avoid damages to the edges of Panels as carrying them, protective supports should be used.

It is suitable to use lifting beam as lifting the panel package.

If it is required to keep the panel packages for a long time, they should be kept in a closed area which has air circulation.

The number of packages placed one over another must be 2 at most and the packages should be placed in a balanced manner.

A pad should be placed under the panel packages that make them stand inclined. By this way no water accumulates on the packages.

Panel package load should be lifted in a balanced manner and placed on the roof.

As removing the panels from packages, in order not to damage the paint by pulling the panels from one end, panels should be rotated and carried by holding them on two edges.

If the panel is longer than 6 m, it will also be necessary to carry it in a balanced manner by supporting it on the center.

Sandwich Panels should not be lifted by holding the metal lugs.

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