Our HR Policy

Adding power to Turkish economy, maintaining a sustainable development potantial, making no concession on quality are among our management policies.

As Davut Panel, our policy we adopted is to employ creative and entrepreneur individuals who have the required knowledge and skills and whose development potential is high and create happy and proud employees who add value to our company with their works, reconcile the company's goals and their own personal goals at the same point and have a voice in our organization.

For our company, this means employees;

Who are aware of their responsibility and have ethical and professional values

Who possess the attitute of a lead manager

Who are committed to their work and corporate

Who develop strategical objectives and interests of our company

Who are the most qualified individuals for the position

Who have the insight of quality works

Who are competitive and have sustainable development potantial

Who are sensitive to environment and human health

Who are self-sacrificing, disciplined and who conform to business ethics and rules and always open for improvement.