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After the Sandwich Panels are carefully delived to the places where they will be used, they are put on the roof or unloaded from the vehicle in an area where environmental safety is provided.

In our factory, we place EPS pads under the Sandwich Panels which prevent the panels to touch on the ground.

If it is required to keep the packages in the worksite for a long time, it is suggested to cover them with tarpaulin in order to protect them against weather conditions.

Sandwich Panel packages to be used on the roof are put between puplins, but if possible they are put on the truss and placed perpendicular to the eaves and upper ridge.

The panels should be installed in the opposite direction of wind.

The number of screws to be used for installation should be determined according to wind condition and details.

The panels to be installed should not be placed on points which are very close to each other, instead they should be placed in a way that will distribute the load to the roof surface evenly.

Before start working necessary safety precautions should be taken; safety belt, work glove and helmet should be used.

In order to avoid damages on Sandwich Panels, the workers should use rubber-soled shoes. Sandwich Panel packages should be attached to the roof.

It is necessary to place and lift panels by holding them from beneath.

Sandwich Panels are screwed on the support under them.

The thickness of the accessories to be used should be 0,50 mm at least for the safety of work.

The upper section of the Panel is screwed first, then the screwing works on the middle and lower sections are completed.

Sandwich Panels should be cut with a suitable saw, the metal wastes on the surface should be swept in order to prevent them to cause corrosion within a few months.

As the panel installation progresses, the location of the support package should be shifted backwards.

Panels should be imbricated considering the inclination of the roof and the imbrication points should be insulated against water penetration. Especially silicone or foam should be applied on the imbrication points of accessories.

It will be more suitable to order accessories by taking the measurements after the installation of panels is completed.

For accessories, it is suggested to use puller screw for the connections between sheets and pop rivet in order to attach the sheet to the aluminum.

The screws to be used for installation should be used together with large washer with EPDM gaskets, by this way water penetration through the screwing points is prevented.

The protective polyethylene films on Sandwich Panel should not be exposed to sun light for a long time. Since it would stick, it might be hard to remove them afterwards.

After the panel installation is completed, the roof surface should be cleaned. Since chemical solvents might cause damages on the coating, such cleaning agents are not recommended.

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