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What is Sandwich Panel?

Sandwich Panel is a composite roof and facade cladding material produced by applying polyurethane injection in various thickness between double-dyed galvanized sheet or aluminum plate.

It is an aesthetic material used for surface cladding. They are seperated as roof, facade and cold room panels. Sandwich Panels are superior roof and facade cladding materials providing alternative solutions on buildings thanks to ease of installation and accessory options they offer.




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Cover Your Buildings With Quality

As Davut Panel A.Ş. we laid the foundations of our Polyurethane-Filled Sandwich Panel factory in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone in June, 2011. In a short period of 1 year, we started to operate in a 10.000m² closed area and 540m² administration building which were established over a 35 acres area in June, 2012.

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Cover Your Buildings With Quality

What We Do?

The field of our work is the production of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel with the annual capacity of 2,5 million squaremeter and also Trapeziodal Sheet.

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Production Latest Technology

Our polyurethane sandwich panel line is a full-automatic continuous line with latest technology machines. Special equipments that provide a more durable adherance surface by increasing polyurethane contact with the sheet are included in our production line. It consists pf three stages.

Decoilers & Roll-Forming Units

Plates coiled on rolls are formed on oll-forming units.

Polyurethane Injection and Pressing Machine

After the pre-heater units polyurethane (ISO+POL) ise injected between them and they enter to pressing machine.

Automatic Cut-to-Length Machine and Tilting-Packaging Unit

And finally they are cut in desired lenghts, packaged automatically and prepared for delivery.

Maximum Satisfaction

Our products are produced with maximum quality principle and offered to the service of you, our distinguished customers. Your satisfaction of the product or the service is a must for us.

Our Quality Standarts

As Davut Panel A.Ş. we aim to focus on customer saticfaction in our activities primarily and as ensuring this, comply with the Quality Management System Terms and develop ourselves continuously. In this respect, our policy is;

Carrying out all of our activities in accordance with the related law and regulations.

Applying TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Setting production, management and environmental protection standards in accordance with national and international principles and standards.

Being entrepreneurial and open to change, following the technological innovations and introducing innovations in the field of our work.

Ensuring continuity of company reputation and carrying out our activities properly and timely without sacrificing quality in order to increase this reputation.

Improving quality level continuously by enabling the employees and suppliers to receive the training they will need in order to learn professional innovations.

Putting QUALITY to forefront in design, production, construction, installation and business management and completing the works under our commitment in a timely manner.

Maintaining our management mentality which is based on "respect to people". The company employees have the right to express their opinion and obtain information about any situation that will effect them.


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Cover Your Buildings With Quality

We Always Aim the Better.

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Davut Panel will host its distinguished customers in its stand in the Jordan Build Exhibition to be held in Jordan between 31 July and 03 August.

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